Testing the Water

At Brooks Falls, most bears tend to focus their efforts at one or two fishing spots. More rarely, a bear will learn to fish successfully almost anywhere at the falls. 503 has used several different fishing spots at Brooks Falls this year—the far pool, near the downed log, the jacuzzi, and the lip. Is he learning to become a generalist angler or will he eventually specialize in a particular spot? Bears from Brooks River’s past and present can offer us some insights into 503’s potential future. Read more in my latest post on explore.org.

2 thoughts on “Testing the Water

  1. Thank you once again Ranger Mike. I enjoy watching 503 grow and believe one of these days he may become the dominant bear at the falls. He is an amazing bear that has overcome such a horrific first year and has persevered to becoming the little Prince of the falls.


  2. Wonderful post about 218 Ugly, whom I know little about and the great pic of two of our favorite bears ten years ago. Thank you so much for your assessment of 503….He is just amazing and I hope he stays around for years to come. He is building a good relationship with many of the bears, which will help him in the future.


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