Return to Bearcam 2018

As many readers of this blog are aware, one of my favorite places in the world is Brooks River in Katmai National Park. There, about 300 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, brown bears and salmon gather to create one of the most iconic scenes in America’s national parks.

many bears standing and fishing near a waterfall

Brooks Falls on a busy evening


I’m pleased to announce that through the generosity of, I’ve received a fellowship to work with Katmai’s bearcams, live streaming webcams of at Brooks River.

In conjunction with Katmai’s park rangers, I’ll write blog posts (which you can read on and Medium), chat frequently in the bearcam comments, and host live chats and play-by-play style broadcasts. I hope to make time to write about my other explorations on this blog as well.

Bearcam season is almost upon us. Webcam technicians are at Brooks River now, upgrading the webcams for a better live cam streaming experience. The first sockeye salmon should arrive at Brooks River in a matter of days and the bears will arrive soon after. This will be an exciting summer, so please join me here and on bearcam.

14 thoughts on “Return to Bearcam 2018

  1. I’m thrilled for you, Mike. I’m sure Explore is grateful to have you helping us navigate the world of Brooks this season. It’s a huge win for all your fans. 🙂


  2. Oh WOW!!!! Such great news! Can’t wait!!!! Thanks to all involved in making this happen. What a tremendous gift.


  3. I cannot tell you how excited I am that you are at Brooks this year. Nobody knows the bears like you do and I so missed your chats and play-by-plays. Plus, I am volunteering there for the first time in September. Meeting you in person will be the icing on the cake!


  4. Congratulations Ranger Mike! Welcome back to Katmai/Brooks Falls. This is such great news! Looking forward to all your wisdom and information that you will be sharing with us!


  5. How grateful we are to Explore for giving us the opportunity to share in your knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for the beautiful world around us. For us, who will never be able to experience Katmai in person, you bring it to us in all it’s glory. Thank you Mike Fitz and thank you Explore for your gift.


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