3 thoughts on “A short brown bear story

  1. Mike Fitz, This one really hit home and pulled on the heart just a bit. I thought about writing of this story as well but just could not find the words. It was difficult to watch yet a bear cam family couldn’t stop watching. With tear filled eyes we all held vigil until the very end. Hopeful in the beginning not understanding what was taking place. As hope turned to acceptance we painfully watched while we learned so much. As difficult as it was, it truly was the “most surprising, interesting, and most meaningful event” I’ve ever observed.


  2. Mike Fitz.. I was just thinking about this the other day. I agree with what Mocha said.. it is something I will NEVER forget..


  3. Totally agree with the two comments above. It was so heartbreaking yet at the same time…one of the most amazing situations I have ever witnessed! From information that was posted along with the Ranger chats, I learned that the Canine Adenovirus is highly contagious, and I have been wondering since the cub passed, if there have been any sightings of the mama bear or the remaining cub. I hope that both, or at least one of them is still alive. Thank you so much for sharing and educating all of us who love these bears, with such amazing information to help us better understand these beautiful creatures! 🙂


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